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Guidance for traders

The selling of counterfeit goods, contraband, livestock, knives, firearms, weapons and items of pornography or of a pornographic nature are forbidden.

Nobles Promotions Ltd work closely with the Trading Standards Institute, local authorities and the police and anyone found to be selling any of the above will be reported accordingly.

Charity fundraising

Any registered charity will be allowed to stand free of charge, however due to high demand any 1 charity is limited to 3 free visits per site per year.

All sellers raising funds for a registered charity must provide a letter of authority from the charity quoting the registered charity number.  These letters must be originals, copied or scanned images will not be accepted.

Unfortunately due to limited space at our indoor winter sites we are will no longer be able to allow charities to stand free of charge.

Notice to all buyers and sellers

Abuse  to any member of staff,  fellow traders or members of the public will not be tolerated. Anyone being abusive will be removed from the site.

Closure of sites

Unfortunately we are sometimes unable to open sites due to bad weather . If we know the day before a car boot fair is due to open that the ground is waterlogged we will make every attempt to publish this on our website and facebook page and update our answerphone message. However if we are unable to make the decision until the site manager arrives at an event i.e following overnight rain or during high winds (where there would be a risk to the health and safety of sellers, buyers and staff ) this may not be possible. In the event of this happening we will probably be unable to update our site due to the timing of the decision being made however please be aware that a decision not to open is never taken lightly but it is sometimes unavoidable.